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Digital Photography/EN

The book is the very first edition of my bestselling guide on photography released in English. My initial aim was to help people who are at the beginning of their journey through the world of digital photography, and find it difficult to read and understand books full of professional terms and jargon. That's why the book was written in an accessible way. You won't find difficult terms or technical descriptions here. All this is meant to allow you to assimilate knowledge fast and learn how to take proper pictures. I was a beginner too, and I know how difficult and frustrating that is. That's why I created a book that explains even the more complex issues, using plain language. Precise and relevant information only. The things you really need to know when starting your adventure with photography. When buying a car, you don't need to know how the machines that were used to manufacture it work, do you? You need only important and useful information. This was my primary goal.

Although the book is meant to be used mainly by beginners, the translated version is enriched with tips that may be useful for people who are interested in photography for a while but do not perceive themselves as professional photographers.

The other thing I wanted to achieve was to create a full (complex) knowledge base, describing the entire process of photographing.

So that you don't need to buy several books and browse them one by one to find the information you need.

The book was translated by translation centre. (Thanks, Guys!) ​​​

That is why the book contains information on:

- choosing the camera and equipment
- using the camera capabilities to take perfect pictures
- the art of photography
- the most popular themes
- editing photographs
- and making photographic prints

There is also an appendix on photographic papers and special kinds of paper.
The book contains numerous tips that should allow you to solve the most common, as well as not so common problems you may come across, and a lot of guidelines for you to enjoy beautiful pictures.

You'll learn how to take sharp, colorful and professional-like pictures that will delight your friends and family.

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Digital Photography. Book in English


Customer Reviews

"Anna Dadan has written, in my beginner's estimation, a very complete and thorough introduction to digital photography.This book is lengthy and informative; I can't imagine any detail I'd need to know which is not covered here. There is so much information, in fact, that I believe I'll be making use of it for years..." — G.Kuhn (U.S.A)

"I recently got into photography, and found this book extremely helpful. It's wonderful with the graphs and photos and detailed notes on how to take pictures the RIGHT way. No wonder why my pictures always came out bad, but after going over this book, I found out my mistakes. Highly recommended! (...) " — A.Gomez

"As a lover of Photography and most importantly Digital photography, I have found this book to be really very helpful piece of work. I enjoy taking lots of photographs and I know most times, I have not been considering all the key things that need to be focused on while buying camera, taking pictures, the right way to focus, how to ensure image stands out neatly done and nicely.
However, the Author of this book has incredibly explored lots of interesting aspects of digital photograph.
The book comes in 7 chapters plus Appendices with beautiful images that can help you understand the key aspects of photography mentioned by the Author. The topics I found very fascinating and helpful include but not limited to how to use camera to create perfect pictures, very important tips on Digital Photography, How to solve common Printing Problems, How to upload and store your photos, how to make your pictures stand out, how to photograph objects in motion, how to use white balance, how to crop images. how to photograph animals etc etc.
I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to learn about photography or looking to become a much better professional photographer and the price is also highly unbeatable." — Gold (U.K)